Sunday, May 03, 2009

Piercing Post #2

One of my more popular posts outlined my inter-debate over getting a septum piercing. That idea is still on hold, but in the meantime I've come up with a few other options to get my body mod fix. Currently I'm considering either the industrial or tragus ear piercings...
In case your not familiar, the tragus is that little nub of cartilage partly covering your ear canal. My only concern is that my tragus is pretty small, so it might just look like I have a painful piercing coming out of the side of my face! I'd love to put a little ring in it though, instead of a stud like Rihanna's. One concern I have is that the pierced tragus is getting pretty ubiquitous on my college campus. It's like the new upper cartilage piercing or nose ring.

The industrial is a little less "pretty", but that could be what I need since my overall look is fairly conservative Midwest right now. I've heard this one hurts like heck, which doesn't bother me, except it means I should probably hold off until after head is already throbbing!

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d.funkt said...

i like the bar. id do it myself but i wear my glasses a lot so i think itd look kind of silly.