Saturday, November 15, 2008

An ode to Wes Anderson

Oh, Wes Anderson. At times you try a bit too hard to be quirky, but that's OK. I still love you. Or at least your movies. These grey, chilly mid-November days remind me of the gloomy but warm scenery in "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Rushmore."

Margot Tenenbaum by brainyblondie

I want this shirt!

How to look cute at the gym

For some people, the title of this post may be laughable. When I'm working out, they'll say, I'm all sweaty and out of breath and I just don't care how I look. On some level, I understand that. I do believe that it's more important to get a good cardio session in than to walk two miles an hour on the treadmill in order to keep your hair and mascara intact. But gyms can be a great place to meet the opposite sex (wink, wink) and while you might not have the slammin' abs or strength you desire yet, you can still look bright and fashionable now.

Strong & Sexy by brainyblondie

First of all, get over the idea that you can wear leggings as pants. Even at the gym, this is unforgivable. If you really think leggings keep your legs happy, just wear them underneath cute matching shorts. Give up the idea of capri workout pants too. Capris have the ability to make even the slimmest girls' legs look short and stocky.

Also, make sure everything fits on top. Few things are an embarassing as a bulgy, ill-fitting sports bra. Realize that over-sized t-shirts will only make you look bigger. Know that darker fabrics are going to make any potential sweat more obvious, but avoid white because it can stain. There are a lot of amazing, breathable workout fabrics out there nowadays too.

Shoes are the one thing I'll give everyone a fashion break on. They really just need to get the job done -- don't automatically gravitate towards the pretty ones because they may not have the same support. I tend to gravitate toward the old, reliable basics for running shoes -- Nike, Avia, etc. (There are cute and functional shoes out there; it's just a matter of how much you're willing to pay. If investing in cute shoes might gets you to the gym more often, do it.)

In terms of hair, makeup and jewelry, the key is simplicity. No chandelier earrings, obviously. Keep your hair pulled back neatly, with a hairband if it's long or some bobby pins if it's short. My favorite gym look is tiny stud earrings, some sheer lipgloss and a touch of eyeliner below my eyes. Waterproof makeup will last through the sweating you'll on the way to become a healthier, stronger person.Have a happy workout!