Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boyish hair, womanly attitude

Usually television isn’t much of a muse for me. All of those images of CoverGirl mascara and McDreamy are pretty brain-numbing. You especially wouldn’t expect me to find inspiration from one of VH1’s countdown shows, but earlier this week I did. One of the “Best 90’s Songs” featured a video of Sinead O’Connor and her hair (or lack of). It made me want to shave my head. While bald can be scary (Britney), it can also be dangerously sexy (Nat in “V for Vendetta”).

OK, so I would never have the guts. But it did remind me of how much I’m looking forward to getting my hair cut nice and short next week. Something can be so feminine about short hair, as it really brings the focus on your features and curves; you have to be flawless to pull it off. I’m a conformist in loving the boyish blonde crop of Agyness Dean.

There is this whole rumor, though, that guys don’t dig the pixie do’s. I think it’s just like a lot of other things- a matter of preference. Some guys like curvy girls; some like waifs. I’ve had plenty of guys in love with my hair. There are guys who’ve told me I would be even cuter if I grew it out, but when I refuse they don’t seem to mind much. As a blonde, no matter what I do strangers come up to me and touch my hair. When it’s more cropped, I feel like it has more of a style- I feel glam even in a t-shirt. My hair is just so straight that it takes to short styles well; once it gets long it looks completely flat.

How do you feel about short hair? I think more gals should do it- didn’t Halle Berry look so much better when she had the pixie?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trend: Cutout Shoes

Cutout shoes are the definition of sexy footwear, combining
structuralism with foot cleavage. These Yves Saint Laurent
Folies Sandals are flying off the shelves at Saks for good
reason. As a journalism student I can't quite cough up
$895.00, but with shoes as great as these I don't know that
a cheap version can be found.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog

I don't regularly endorse Internet videos, finding them generally unfunny. But do watch this if you haven't yet. Maybe I'm just a sucker for musicals.

"What a crazy random happenstance."

Monday, July 28, 2008

Internet killed the mixtape star

Mixwit has been described as the music version of Polyvore. It's just like the mixtapes you made in the 80's, only without the hassle (but with the cool retro tape designs!). Way too addictive. Check out my playlists and let send post yours.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busted: Suggestions for Bigger Chests

I previously posted on suggestions for all of the “Keira Knightley” chests out there…now here are suggestions for all of you who are a bit more Marilyn Monroe.

Pamela’s chest may be enviable, but here fashion sense isn’t always. Keep it classy, girls!

Cowl necks

If your shirts are always straining across your chest, cowl necks work because they drape instead. This cute one is from Free People. Ignore the fact that the model is rather disturbingly skinny.

Scoop necks

By showing a little more neckline your chest can look perkier. A scoop neck does this without showing any cleavage. American Apparel.

V-Neck halters

Halters will help lift your bust. Just be sure you buy a good bra to go underneath. The one below is by Baby Phat- usually I find the brand kind of gaudy, but this dress is sweet and simple.


Agent Provocateur is my favorite place for lingerie, even though it gets expensive. But if you have money to spend, why not spend it on quality undergarments? The bra below comes in up to an F cup!

Listening to: “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” by She & Him

Reading: “Wonderful Tonight” by Pattie Boyd (I’m a sucker for biographies!)

Watching: Season 2 of “House” on DVD

Wearing: sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret and a Catwoman shirt from UO…my Sunday afternoon blogging uniform! Don’t worry, kids, I look fashionable in public ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating disorders...and guys

Articles on eating disorders flood the media. This allow people to be more informed and help those who need it, but also tends to glamorize a very scary mental illness. I could discuss this for several more paragraphs, but in this post I'm instead going to focus on something the media doesn't always focus on: the frequency of anorexia and bulimia in males.

Ever since entering college, I've noticed more and more of my guy friends commenting on their own eating habits. It's great ti be concerned about your health, but in some cases I feel like they're not just concerned, they're obsessive. A lot of them still have super-fast metabolisms, exercise often and are already very slim, but will make multiple comments about the calories in their meals. While I am attracted to slim guys, I'm just as (if not more so) attracted to the heftier guys who have no qualms about polishing off several burgers in one go. I like feeling protected and weighing less than my boyfriend!

What's your opinion: Do you think eating disorders will become more of a problem among guys?

Monday, July 14, 2008

I want my purple hair back!

This is what my hair looked like in the winter- it was for a spring hair show. It's back to natural blonde now though, and I totally miss it! Guys liked me better brightly colored than blonde. Little kids loved the "pretty hair" too, but anyone over the age of 30 thought I was out of my mind. What's the biggest hair risk y'all have taken? (Just to clarify, the way it looks in the photo was just to display the colors...I didn't wear it all over my eyes in everyday life. I'm no emo!)

Right now I really like Selma Blair's asymetrical bob in "Hellboy II". My mom has always told me "you can't have bangs- your forehead is too nice"...but right now I have a zit right in the middle of it that some bangs would cover up perfectly.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smell you later!

One of the world’s best accessories is invisible. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be cliché and say that it’s “confidence”. It’s fragrance.

Currently I’m coveting Stila Crème Bouquet, but it’s been sold out whenever I’ve visited Sephora and I’m too lazy to get on the waiting list. Plus, if everyone else is wearing it, I’m not sure that I want to. But when I received a small sample bottle I got so many compliments, and I feel like the mixture of florals and vanilla tones fits my personality. It’s sweet but not too sweet, perfect for daytime wear.

In the meantime, it’s Burberry Weekend for Men for me. I got a 30 ml. bottle for only $15 from TJ Maxx and I love it. When I first smelled it I didn’t realize it was for men, but the simple navy blue box looked a bit masculine so I checked the label, not seeing anything man-specific. I bought it and found the “For Men” written in tiny letters on the way home. Several guys tried to get me to give it to them, but I loved the scent enough to keep it. So far I haven’t worn it much and therefore haven’t received any comments, but we’ll see what happens when I wear it this weekend. It’s a rather subtle scent. Now that I’ve realized I can wear men’s fragrance, I want some LaCoste Pour Homme too. Who knew I could be so preppy?

If you're clueless as to what fragrance would work for you, I'd try Sephora's Fragrance Finder. The site divides scents into nice little categories.

Fresh- citrus, green leaves, marine notes
Floral- jasmine, rose, white flowers
Oriental- spices, vanilla, patchouli
Woody- citrus, warm woods, moss

Fresh- citrus, green leaves, marine notes
Aromatic- citrus, lavender, geranium
Woody- vetiver, agarwood, cedar

Sephora also offers these nifty gift boxes with samples of tons of popular scents, including a gift certificate for a full-sized bottle of any of the samples after you've selected your favorite. If you want to buy fragrance for your girl or guy, this is often the easiest way to go!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm into leather

Remember that scene in the film "Annie Hall" where Woody Allen considers what all of his former classmates grew up to do? And that one innocent-looking girl says "I'm into leather"? Little known fact, but that was me as a little girl. (OK, not really. And just to clarify, my interest in the material is purely for fashion's sake.)

[And P.S....all of you vegans/vegetarians/consumer-conscious...what's your opinion on leather? I've been a vegetarian before in terms of my eating habits, but never managed to give up leather or fur.]

Frye Engineer Boots at Urban Outfitters
Frye makes the perfect leather boot. I love the Engineer Boot because it's tough but simple. I'm not much of a 'goth'/'punk' fashion person, although I could see someone taking this boot in that direction. I'd probably pair it with jeans, a really girly top and a bunch of gold charmed necklaces.
Silence & Noise Wyatt Moto Jacket at Urban Outfitters
Nothing has earned me compliments from my guy friends like my leather jacket. It's cool; it's effortless; it's versatile. They can make even your girliest dresses look tough. Buy one today!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Polyvore is my new addiction

Unless they're teenagers at prom, couples dressed alike make me gag. I like the concept of a coordinate, fashionable twosome, but usually couples end up looking costume-y and intimidating. If I saw a guy and girl walking hand and hand with these outfits though, I'd definitely have to smile. Perfect for tango-ing in the aisles of Barnes & Noble.

His & Hers
(If you've never tried Polyvore, it's a fantastic little site where you can make collages online of your favorite fashions. I'd love to hold a Polyvore competition sometime soon...add me as a contact on Polyvore if you'd like. More sets of mine to come!)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Things I Love Thursday #1

It's not quite Thursday where I live, but it is somewhere in the world! Enjoy the earliness. Here are my favorite things for the week.

Benefit's PosieTint

I walked into the fabulous makeup boutique Benefit yesterday. It was 6:30pm and they were already closed, but let me in the store anyway! I only needed foundation, but when the woman who was helping me put a little PosieTint on my cheeks and lips, I instantly fell into lust. PosieTint is like the better known BeneTint...a stain giving you a natural glow that doesn't wear off like powders or liquids. I've never been one for much blush, but PosieTint gives you that sexy flush like you just finished some frenzied snogging.

Chicago's Ravinia
I checked out this park for a concert a few weeks ago. I went by myself but ended up meeting some fun people. The area is gorgeous, with plenty of trees and sculptures, plus an upscale food court. It's not actually in Chicago, but pretty far north. For once it was nice to get away from the city, especially after the mayhem that was the B.B. King concert at the Chicago Blues Festival. If you go to Ravinia, be sure to bring a picnic...there is a huge lawn area and people get really fancy, with tables and candles and bottles of wine. There are fantastic concerts pretty much every night of the summer!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Boots
Aren't they fun? I've been very into high, high heels lately- maybe it's because I'm 5'4". These are not practical for my wardrobe, but who knows...any ideas of what you think would be good to wear with them?

Fashion for the flat-chested

I was never that into dolls as a kid, though I did possess a fair amount of Barbies. I always assumed that I would one day, through some wild, mysterious miracle known as 'puberty' grow into someone exactly like Barbie. I already had the blue eyes and straight blonde hair, all I needed was the curves.

Well, the miracle of puberty happened, but the breasts didn't. And while some people would have been disappointed, I'm pleased in the end. Playing sports is easier and FASHION is easier.

While in some occasions padded bras are worth the while, mostly I'm a fan of flaunting your natural shape. Take a look at our BFF, Nat, above. The low cut looks elegant, rather than trashy, because of her bod.

When you want to enhance your shape, gathered tops and empire waists will do the trick. Try this super-cute dress from Newport-News...currently only $29!

Long necklaces also look better on small busts because they sit better. And flat-chested gals also tend to have cuter bras to pick from, because they can be more style than substance! The Sasha Leopard & Lace Plunge Bra by Aerie, below, comes in size AA. (And don't fret, those of you who are built like's in size D too!) Aerie is great for small bras in general, because while its lingerie seems aimed for the young teenage set, the shapes and colors are basic and mature enough for most anyone. And compared to say, Agent Provocateur, they're a steal. Looks like we're on a cheap & chic kick in this post!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Top Ten: Saks Fifth Avenue

The e-mails from Saks Fifth Avenue are definitely not spam, but inspirational little fliers leading you to great designer stuff. They helped me find all of sign up!
Here are my favorite things from everyone's favorite department store- fall collection and flirty summer pieces you can wear now. As much as I would like to rave about Yves Saint Laurent's collection, I've kept everything under $300. My fashion philosophy? It doesn't matter what the brand is or how much you pay, as long as the materials are of a good quality, the fit is good and you love it.

1) Camellia Python Pumps- Kate Spade ($298)
(see photo at top)
Animal print, when done right, is a great, funky neutral.
2) Tiered & Smocked Tube Dress- Juicy Couture ($248)
Casual, but kinda elegant. This color will look fantastic with any skin tone.
3) Ladies Sport Watch- Michael Kors ($225)
Mr. Kors is the master of mixing sporty and classically refined. This watch will go with absolutely everything. I love that it's a bit masculine.
4) Caz Merino Wool Cardigan- Tory Burch ($250)
Classic, but the stripe trim keeps it interesting and lengthens the line of your body.
5) Bell Bottom Jeans- 7 For All Mankind ($169)
After months of not-always-flattering skinny jeans, bell-bottoms are in! Who doesn't love 7 For All Mankind? The dark wash is always slimming.
6) Hooded Anorak- Eileen Fisher, Salon Z ($148.80 on sale)
Here's your sexy and plus-sized item of the week. It's environmentally- and travel-friendly too, made of recycled polyester and folding into its own zip pouch. Comes in non-plus sizes too!
7) Pelego Jersey Wrap Dress- Diane von Furstenburg ($238.80 on sale)
Everyone's doing the jersey wrap dress!The gorgeous orange and brown colors could easily make this dress work for fall, especially if you live in a warmer climate (unlike me in Chicago). I'm not always the biggest fan of tie-dye, but this dress is more earthy/global tie-dye than over-the-top, dyed-at-elementary-school-summer-camp tie dye.
8) Mod Stripe Knit Dress- L.A.M.B. ($285)
The look of a tank and skirt in one awesomely nautical dress. Wearing with a white preppy cable cardigan as it's gets chillier would make this look very "Gossip Girl". Possibly my favorite item on the list.
9) Safari Shirtdress- D.K.N.Y. ($147 on sale)
Shirtdresses are always subtly sexy and flattering. I'm a fan of the brown, mixed with bright shoes- maybe some open-toe wedges while it's still warm. Pop the collar like the model for a bit of mystery.
10) Raven Colorblock Dress- Ella Moss ($155)
(see photo below)
Empire waist dresses usually drive me crazy because my abs are the only part of my body I like, but it looks like the shape is a trend that's here to stay. And this dress is quite sexy! I love the very pale models wearing Ella Moss on the Saks website.

How to be creative

If you’re a writer, you might spend time analyzing Sexton or Dostoevsky or Hemingway to find new angles to your craft. Painters may study Monet or Picasso or Dali. Nothing wrong with that, but the best way to be inspired is to utilize your life experiences and passions.

The title of this article is somewhat deceptive, because there are no rules on how to be creative. This is not an instruction manual, but a starting point.

Tip #1: My favorite way to be inspired is with a camera. I like nondigital cameras because they prevent you from censoring yourself- you can’t quickly delete something because you don’t like it; you are stuck with what you’ve got. Spend a day wandering through your town and taking pictures of whatever pleases your eye- whether it is nature, people or man-made objects. After developing your photos, take a look at common elements to find your voice. If you’re not much of a visual person, I love recorders that attach to iPods. You can do the same thing- look around for interesting sounds.

The five people every artist should know

1) The Wild One

This is someone who will push you to the limit. They believe that you have amazing potential and won’t let you waste it. They’ll try to convince you to audition for Broadway or travel to India so you can write better poetry. You can’t take everything they say literally, but let them inspire you to do things outside of your comfort zone.

2) The Ideal

This is someone who encompasses everything you want to be, creatively speaking. In terms of blogging, for me this is Gala Darling- she’s great at balancing being a compassionate advice giver with being a crazy, wild fashionista. She writes about life as a whole, but never seems too broad because she has such a distinct outlook.

3) The Honest One

This is someone who is incapable of giving you B.S. If your latest poem is downright bad, they’ll let you know. Ideally this is someone who is knowledgeable about your art medium and presents any criticism in a constructive, but direct, way.

4) The Foil

This is someone who holds opposing views to your own. If you like being a minimalist fashionista (yes, fashion is art!), maybe you subscribe to a magazine that has tons of overly glamorous models. The point is to challenge why you hold your artistic views and inspire you to sometimes head in directions that go a bit against your instinct.

5) The Unconditional Friend

Your poems aren’t selling or you’ve been injured and can’t dance for a few weeks. Who’s going to be there for you with the hugs and quart of ice cream? Your closest friend, one who doesn’t value you based on your successes, but on who you are. (Cheesy, yes. But get over it.)