Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boyish hair, womanly attitude

Usually television isn’t much of a muse for me. All of those images of CoverGirl mascara and McDreamy are pretty brain-numbing. You especially wouldn’t expect me to find inspiration from one of VH1’s countdown shows, but earlier this week I did. One of the “Best 90’s Songs” featured a video of Sinead O’Connor and her hair (or lack of). It made me want to shave my head. While bald can be scary (Britney), it can also be dangerously sexy (Nat in “V for Vendetta”).

OK, so I would never have the guts. But it did remind me of how much I’m looking forward to getting my hair cut nice and short next week. Something can be so feminine about short hair, as it really brings the focus on your features and curves; you have to be flawless to pull it off. I’m a conformist in loving the boyish blonde crop of Agyness Dean.

There is this whole rumor, though, that guys don’t dig the pixie do’s. I think it’s just like a lot of other things- a matter of preference. Some guys like curvy girls; some like waifs. I’ve had plenty of guys in love with my hair. There are guys who’ve told me I would be even cuter if I grew it out, but when I refuse they don’t seem to mind much. As a blonde, no matter what I do strangers come up to me and touch my hair. When it’s more cropped, I feel like it has more of a style- I feel glam even in a t-shirt. My hair is just so straight that it takes to short styles well; once it gets long it looks completely flat.

How do you feel about short hair? I think more gals should do it- didn’t Halle Berry look so much better when she had the pixie?


catbomb said...

Love it love it loveit! Would totally rock the look but my face is way too round unfortunately :( it lookfs fab on certain face shapes though

d.funkt said...

i have short hair and i absolutely love it. i love the androgyny of it: you have the balls to cut off your hair and give the boys a run for their money but youre also still feminine. cut it and embrace it.