Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I miss you, Anna!

Anyone else watch that teenage soap opera "The O.C." a few years back? I never got past the first season, probably because they dropped my favorite character, Anna (Samaire Armstrong).

Not only did she have good taste in artists (the overrated but still AMAZING Warhol), but she also rocked the short blonde hair. Holla! Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut, hallelujah. It's been way longer than 6-8 weeks. I currently looked like a drugged-out Kurt Cobain or greasy-haired Paris Hilton. Thinking of getting the Anna-style hair below, but I might keep with my current trend of getting it super-short in back and longer in the front. Think Victoria Beckham (without the fake boobs and sexy husband).


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d.funkt said...

the posh spice angled bob? hot.

thanks for stopping by! records are quite cool indeed. i cant wait to get my keepsake turntable.