Monday, August 18, 2008

Outfit Analysis #1: Mischa Barton

Usually I kind of like Mischa's style- she reminds me a bit of Blake Lively. They're both tall, long-haired girls with a bit of a minimalist, hippie style. Mischa does tend to take a few more fashion risks in an attempt to be trendy. I'm amazed that she's been able to keep herself in the media so much lately, as she doesn't seem to be appearing in many movies or shows as of late.

I really like her jacket here. It's like a basic leather jacket, but the shorter sleeves and texture spice it up. The bag is cute too, but it matches the texture of the jacket too closely. I would have used the pieces in two separate outfits. When you wear only one color, it's important to have a variety of textures.

I really don't understand her use of jewelry. I wear very little jewelry when I'm out at night- usually just earrings, so I can use a really glamorous clutch or top. Plus, this is cheap-looking, super boring jewelry. She could at least go for something bold or colorful. A lot of people just pile on the silver or gold jewelry thinking it will automatically make them look casually boho, but it can also just look mindless.

I am completely against the use of tights/leggings as pants. They rarely help out anyone's shape and it's not trendy at all. Mischa's legs are in fairly good shape, but the leggings make them look chunkier. Her leggings also look a bit sheer...I'm betting you would see a bit too much looking at her rear view.

No real opinion on the boots. I love leather boots in general and the cute little star on these, but they just don't seem to help the outfit much. These boots seem a bit more appropriate to toughen up a girly day outfit, rather than for use for a night out. When you're out on the town, I think you're shoes are the most important- it's good to have a heel, even if it's only half an inch high.

Overall, this outfit earns a C-. It's bland and not very flattering. What do you think?

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