Friday, August 15, 2008

My fashion influences

My favorite things are trenchcoats, brightly colored pumps, chic dresses and fur coats. I am completely influenced by the 40's and early 60's. When I'm in a fashion slump, I look to the following muses. I know that some of these are a bit overrated, but I like them none the less!

French & Hitchcock films- Glamourous in a way that's mature but sexy rather than uptight.
Edie Sedgwick- A tiny advocate of short blonde hair, black leggings, huge earrings and fur coats.
Kate Moss- While I like Kate in general, I love this photo in particular. I remember seeing it when I was 15 or 16 and going wow, my flat chest can be sexy!
Edward Hopper- I love the rich colors in his paintings, the feelings of both complete security and loneliness. A world in which men wear hats, women wear sexy red dresses and coffee and is always within reaching distance.
Kirsten Dunst- I don't know why some people are so against her. She has the most playful, comfy chic wardrobe of any modern celebrity.
Roy Lichtenstein- So classic America, with a touch of irony.
Betty from "Mad Men"- Blonde waves, red lips and gorgeous dresses are musts. Gun and cigarette optional.
Nancy Drew- The literary world's sexiest crime-stopper.
Princess Diana
Bridgette Bardot
Olsen twins
Marilyn Monroe
"The Great Gatsby"
Carrie Bradshaw

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Annie said...

I like Kirsten Dunst, too. I don't know why she gets such a bad rap.