Friday, August 22, 2008

Girl Crush: Amy Winehouse

OK, so I know I'm a little behind on this because she's been famous forever, but I LOVE Amy Winehouse. Sure, her lifestyle is questionable, but you can't deny that she has a fabulous voice. If you don't have her music on your iPod yet, get on it. Here are my five favorites:
1.) "Wake Up Alone"
2.) "You Know I'm No Good"
3.) "F*** Me Pumps"
4.) "Amy Amy Amy"
5.) "Love Is A Losing Game"
She has kind of a cool style too, although I think she looks better when she has some weight on her. Not a big fan of the beehive on her either, but I think some of my readers could definitely rock it!

1 comment:

d.funkt said...

amy winehouse is overly fond of coke but she does have a great voice and i love those 50s inspired dresses of hers. oh amy, please dont go kurt cobain on us!