Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guy style #1 - Express Men

Ahh, Express Men...the majority of guys who I've dated have shopped there, some have even worked there. It's inexpensive and has a bit more of an edge than other mall stores like American Eagle or Hollister.
I am in love with this vest and it's currently on sale for $34.50. Here it's layered over a very basic tie and white shirt, which is a good idea. The idea of the vest these days is too look professional but have to be careful, because if you layer it over something too bulky it can look geeky.
A lot of guys who are on the skinnier side have told me that Express is the best place to go for their jeans, although I know football players who shop there too. I like the grey wash and the cut of these. I'd probably have my guy pair these with a brighter colored shirt. $69.50

It's August now, but if you live in the Midwest like me, you know that colder temperatures are on the way. This black military jacket would look great layered over almost anything. $103.60

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