Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Things I Love Thursday #1

It's not quite Thursday where I live, but it is somewhere in the world! Enjoy the earliness. Here are my favorite things for the week.

Benefit's PosieTint

I walked into the fabulous makeup boutique Benefit yesterday. It was 6:30pm and they were already closed, but let me in the store anyway! I only needed foundation, but when the woman who was helping me put a little PosieTint on my cheeks and lips, I instantly fell into lust. PosieTint is like the better known BeneTint...a stain giving you a natural glow that doesn't wear off like powders or liquids. I've never been one for much blush, but PosieTint gives you that sexy flush like you just finished some frenzied snogging.

Chicago's Ravinia
I checked out this park for a concert a few weeks ago. I went by myself but ended up meeting some fun people. The area is gorgeous, with plenty of trees and sculptures, plus an upscale food court. It's not actually in Chicago, but pretty far north. For once it was nice to get away from the city, especially after the mayhem that was the B.B. King concert at the Chicago Blues Festival. If you go to Ravinia, be sure to bring a picnic...there is a huge lawn area and people get really fancy, with tables and candles and bottles of wine. There are fantastic concerts pretty much every night of the summer!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Boots
Aren't they fun? I've been very into high, high heels lately- maybe it's because I'm 5'4". These are not practical for my wardrobe, but who knows...any ideas of what you think would be good to wear with them?

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edson_dias said...

wow.. love the shoes