Monday, July 14, 2008

I want my purple hair back!

This is what my hair looked like in the winter- it was for a spring hair show. It's back to natural blonde now though, and I totally miss it! Guys liked me better brightly colored than blonde. Little kids loved the "pretty hair" too, but anyone over the age of 30 thought I was out of my mind. What's the biggest hair risk y'all have taken? (Just to clarify, the way it looks in the photo was just to display the colors...I didn't wear it all over my eyes in everyday life. I'm no emo!)

Right now I really like Selma Blair's asymetrical bob in "Hellboy II". My mom has always told me "you can't have bangs- your forehead is too nice"...but right now I have a zit right in the middle of it that some bangs would cover up perfectly.


catbomb said...

Wow it's awesome!!! I love it its so robyn and aggy-esque. i wish i could pull off blue hair.. hmm

gilda said...

i've had colorful hair the last hmmm, 7 years of my life. i need to change it every few months because i get bored. i like black hair too though.

that cut and color of yours is super cool.

Anonymous said...

When I had mine cut likes yours is now (ie: until i got super super sick of blowdrying and tried to grow it out again.. it's getting there) it was great because I could play with so many colours - highlighter pink was the brightest I got, but I did black with blue stripes, black with red and pink stripes, red with purple stripes, white with black and pink stripes.
Now I stick to a straight blue black because my work wouldn't appreciate actual blue.. maybe one day.

Ayesha said...

That looks pretty awesome. I've had flaming red hair before, but that's the biggest hair risk I've taken so far =O