Thursday, July 10, 2008

Polyvore is my new addiction

Unless they're teenagers at prom, couples dressed alike make me gag. I like the concept of a coordinate, fashionable twosome, but usually couples end up looking costume-y and intimidating. If I saw a guy and girl walking hand and hand with these outfits though, I'd definitely have to smile. Perfect for tango-ing in the aisles of Barnes & Noble.

His & Hers
(If you've never tried Polyvore, it's a fantastic little site where you can make collages online of your favorite fashions. I'd love to hold a Polyvore competition sometime soon...add me as a contact on Polyvore if you'd like. More sets of mine to come!)


catbomb said...

Hey there! I found your blog randomly from your post on gala's tilt. Check out mine & I'll do the same! :) i love this set that clutch is adorable! anyway, have an awesome weekend.

gilda said...

ahh, polyvore. i don't want to go into it because i'm worried i'll get addicted. haah!