Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fashion for the flat-chested

I was never that into dolls as a kid, though I did possess a fair amount of Barbies. I always assumed that I would one day, through some wild, mysterious miracle known as 'puberty' grow into someone exactly like Barbie. I already had the blue eyes and straight blonde hair, all I needed was the curves.

Well, the miracle of puberty happened, but the breasts didn't. And while some people would have been disappointed, I'm pleased in the end. Playing sports is easier and FASHION is easier.

While in some occasions padded bras are worth the while, mostly I'm a fan of flaunting your natural shape. Take a look at our BFF, Nat, above. The low cut looks elegant, rather than trashy, because of her bod.

When you want to enhance your shape, gathered tops and empire waists will do the trick. Try this super-cute dress from Newport-News...currently only $29!

Long necklaces also look better on small busts because they sit better. And flat-chested gals also tend to have cuter bras to pick from, because they can be more style than substance! The Sasha Leopard & Lace Plunge Bra by Aerie, below, comes in size AA. (And don't fret, those of you who are built like's in size D too!) Aerie is great for small bras in general, because while its lingerie seems aimed for the young teenage set, the shapes and colors are basic and mature enough for most anyone. And compared to say, Agent Provocateur, they're a steal. Looks like we're on a cheap & chic kick in this post!


catbomb said...

lucky!!!! fashion is MADE for flat chests. big boobs suck!

Anonymous said...

Haha. I will have to agree. I don't like being big-breasted. if only I could poke it with a needle and reduce it somehow. Haha. I'm kind of athletic and really want to show my fashion style but can't because of my body. Oh well.

BB said...

Hmm...I'll have to do a "Fashion for the curvaceous & athletic" sometime soon then- look out for it! Actually, the lower half of my bod is more athletic as well. I have Kate Moss' chest with Kate Winlet's thighs.

gilda said...

i'm major flat with a huge ass. not the best combination! haha.