Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating disorders...and guys

Articles on eating disorders flood the media. This allow people to be more informed and help those who need it, but also tends to glamorize a very scary mental illness. I could discuss this for several more paragraphs, but in this post I'm instead going to focus on something the media doesn't always focus on: the frequency of anorexia and bulimia in males.

Ever since entering college, I've noticed more and more of my guy friends commenting on their own eating habits. It's great ti be concerned about your health, but in some cases I feel like they're not just concerned, they're obsessive. A lot of them still have super-fast metabolisms, exercise often and are already very slim, but will make multiple comments about the calories in their meals. While I am attracted to slim guys, I'm just as (if not more so) attracted to the heftier guys who have no qualms about polishing off several burgers in one go. I like feeling protected and weighing less than my boyfriend!

What's your opinion: Do you think eating disorders will become more of a problem among guys?

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