Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Septum piercings: yay or nay?

I often come off as a conversative, girly girl- all high heels, fake eyelashes and dresses. But I also have an artsy, tough side that I've enjoyed exploring during college. No one bats an eye when you have purple hair, or simultaneously wear one color of lipstick your upper lip and another on your lower lip.

I've wanted a piercing forever. Ears are too common and I don't show off my navel enough for that to be worth it. I like the septum piercing (shown here on lovely Scarlett), as it's unique but can be hidden inside of your nose when necessary.

What do you think? I have a face that is feminine enough that I think I could pull it off. I'll probably do it no matter what you guys say, so this is more of a preview to the kinds of comments I'll be getting.


d.funkt said...

no to the septum! no no no! maybe a cute little stud below your lip to one side? but no to the septum. not even scarlet can pull this one off.

Anonymous said...

Seriously go for it! I'm getting mine done tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

i'm getting mine done.
they're rad.
did u end up getting it done?

BB said...


I haven't gotten it done -- my boyfriend and parents (who are still kindly paying my college tuition) are really down with it. Could still happen in the near future though. I did get my navel pierced recently, and it was no big deal at all. Worried I'm going to become piercing addicted!

Anonymous said...

you may have already gotten your septum pierced by this point but i must say you will get negative feedback from others when they see it. i got mine pierced about 2 weeks ago and I personally love it but my mother strongly disagrees. Do whatever makes you happy because that is really all that matters.