Sunday, September 07, 2008

A note to all college girls

Dear College Girl on Monday Morning,

Yeah, I know you're still hungover from Sig Ep's party on Friday. But that doesn't mean you should walk into French IV twenty minutes late in your sloppy jeans and dirty Uggs with no makeup on. Remember all of those boys that asked for your number Friday night? Well, you could snag a few more today if you play your fashion cards right...& these might actually be worthwhile- sober men who show up to class.

I'm not saying you have to wear a D&G skirt or anything...but what about some nice colored denim just to keep things interesting? The lovely pair pictured is only $32.50 at Alloy. Throw them on with some non-Ugg boots, a well-fitted tee & a bit of lipstick. I'll be as happy as I was when I got that unexpected A in Russian Film.


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emily said...

hahahaha, i love this post.